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So Venice Based artist and muralist Kelcey Fisher and I got together (on facebook) and I was lucky enough to get ten questions out of the guy about his inspirational artwork that was such a hit at this past Art Crawl!

And it goes a little somethin’ like this:  HIT IT!

 1. So Kelcey…your favorite artist (living or dead) invites you to their house for dinner. You want to bring them a gift. Who is it, and what would you bring them?

Kelsey Brookes, who is alive. Ironic we have the same name but huge fan of his work and his story behind it. I would bring him one of my paintings..hopefully we would work out a triad : ) Would be super pumped to own one of his pieces.

2. How old were you when you first discovered you where an artist? What was the “lightbulb moment” when you knew you wanted to pursue art as a career?

My mom was my art teacher when I was a youngen in preschool and always pushed me in that direction.. I think that definitely played a part in my art career..I never took art seriously however until I sold my first piece junior year of college. A lightbulb definitely went off when I got that first check haha. Thank you Debby Boyd for believing in me..I will always remember you as my first true fan and friend!


3.Describe your personal Hell.

L.A. traffic combined with LAX airport security line. End me!

4. Your latest art work involves larger than life playing cards with dimensional color schemes. What was the motive behind these pieces? Are you a gambling man?

You can catch me on the wheel of fortune slot machines every once and while but definitely not a gambling man. Those pieces were actually created for a wedding in Vegas however. I worked with a good friend and amazing wedding coordinator Courtney Stone to come up with that concept. They were some of the biggest pieces I’ve created. They were 5’x8′ wood panels. We titled them, “The Royal Romantics”. One of my favorite projects by far. Thanks for getting me involved Court!

5. Define what art means to you in five words.

Passion, Commitment, Life, Love, Escape


6. There is a lot of Hoopla going about with Performance Artist Marina Abramovic and Lady Gaga collaborating. It all started when Marina asked her: Who creates limits? How would you answer this question?

You create your own limits.

7.Morning or Night?



8. Its Friday night in Venice Beach, Where can our readers expect to be able to stalk you?

First stop- James Beach> Then off to Nikkis Beach> End with some shinanigens at TownHouse> Pizza at Santinos> Pillow to the face

9. Whats your Fantasy? We like details.

Simma down now


10. Alright, Last question. I say a word and you name the first word that comes to your mind:

Refrigerator: Beer

Country: Ireland

Culture: Important

Destiny: Who Knows

Venice Beach: Thank you


Thanks Kelcey Fisher for all that jazz.  Peep more of his work HERE!

 Interviewed and Written by: Gabrielle Wooden


Gabrielle Wooden is a writer currently residing in Southern California. Currently she is a blogger for the Venice Art Crawl and is working on her first novel entitled Blue Barcelona at UCLA’S Extension Writers Program. 

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