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How to show your art in the Venice Art Crawl

Important Notes:

  • Deadlines: Be aware of the submission deadlines for the Venice Art Crawl to ensure your event is included on the official map. For example, the deadline to have your event included on the Venice Art Crawl Map is the first day of the month. The deadline for the June 20, 2024, Venice Art Crawl will be June 1st. The event organizers may change this. Double-check the Venice Art Crawl website for the latest information.
  • Fees: Beginning in June 2024, the Venice Art Crawl will charge a fee of $25.00 per artist/performer/or DJ to register and be included on the Venice Art Crawl Map. This fee is non-refundable

Step 1
Find a place to show in 90291. You can partner with a business, restaurant, or store, host an event at your home, or garage. You can come to a mixer and connect with a business owner or manager if you do not have a location.

Step 2

Prepare Your Event Description: Write a short, engaging description of your event, the artwork you’ll feature, and any special activities or demonstrations you might have. Consider asking other artists to join you to make a larger event. 

Step 3
Submit the event on ONCE SUBMITTED, you are automatically listed on the map. Note: The submission deadline to be on the map is two weeks before the VAC date. The map is out the day before the Venice Art Crawl, which is almost always on the third Thursday of the month. Some months are mixers, and some months are the Venice Art Crawl. Text Sunny at 310-430-2214 for questions.

Step 4
Promote your event up to and on the Venice Art Crawl date through a Facebook invite, a meetup, or Eventbrite. Make a snazzy event graphic for your social media. Invite anybody and everybody! Please share it with us by using our # VeniceArtCrawl tag.

Step 5

Be prepared to pay the $25 submission fee per artist/performer/DJ participating in your event. Order the mandatory $45 Venice Art Crawl banner and arrange for pick-up or delivery according to the organizers’ instructions.

Please note that this fee is non-refundable.

To arrange for the pick-up of your Venice Art Crawl banner, Email Sunny at and make arrangements. Then, display it where people can see it on the street.

Donate your fees through the event submission form, or by using the button below. 

Step 6
Reshare it on social media before the event a lot. Use the tag #Veniceartcrawl Reshare!  Tag!

Step 7
Have fun! Sell art! Thank you for Supporting the VAC!

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