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Carol Davis is a Glass Mosaics artist in the Venice area. 

If you’re a fan of art, then you’ve come to the right place. We are thrilled to introduce you to an incredibly talented glass mosaic artist, Carol Davis. You know, we’ve always been big believers in the power of color and the beauty of everyday objects. And this artist takes that idea to a whole new level. Carol uses tiny pieces of glass to create vibrant, stunning mosaics that are truly works of art. Each piece is carefully crafted, with colors and shapes that blend together in the most incredible way. It’s the kind of art that really makes you stop and look – and that’s what I love about it. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to this amazing glass mosaic artist. I think you’re going to be blown away by their talent and creativity.

What inspired you to pursue an art career, and when did they realize your passion for creating?
I’ve been making art since I was a kid. My father was an impressionist painter, so I was exposed to art early on. I studied performing art and filmmaking in college. I made and sold collage art for a long time and have done all sorts of visual arts. I’m not making mosaics and am loving it.

How do you approach the creative process, and what techniques or mediums do they prefer to work with?
For my mosaics, I typically start with a photo I’ve taken, often of nature, especially trees. I draw the design onto the wood, then start nipping away at the large pieces of colored glass, cutting small pieces that will eventually become the finished mosaic.

What themes or subjects do you explore in your work, and what message do you hope to convey to your audience?
I often use nature because nature really is perfection. The bend of a tree, the sunlight on the leaves, a weed in an alley. I hope to bring light and brightness and color into people’s lives by them having one of my mosaics in their spaces.

How has your artistic background or personal experiences influenced your art, and are there any particular events or people that have had a significant impact on your work?
A big influence on my mosaics was a Groupon I had for a mosaic class in a woman’s living room. I had never even considered making one until I took her weekend workshop. When I finished I thought, I can do this, and have moved forward ever since. 

You can see more of Carol’s mosaics at:


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Carol Davis - Artist
Carol Davis - Glass Mosaic

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