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How do I best promote my event?

There are different ways of promoting your event. Social Media is a great way to let everyone know about your event. A lot of events are promoted through Facebook.

Twitter is also a great way to promote an event, don’t forget to use hashtag #VeniceArtCrawl. Events can also be promoted through press releases, flyers or even word of mouth. Event organizers and the artists themselves are responsible for promoting their event. There’s not one way to promote an event and there’s no such thing as over promoting your event.

Do I have to serve food and wine?

It’s not mandatory to serve food and wine at your event but a lot of participants do.

How else can I get involved?

Come to one of the monthly mixers and sign up for one of the committees…

What is the deadline to get on the map?

Absolute deadline to be on the official VAC map:

March 1st for the March 19th Venice Art Crawl

June 1st for the June 18th Venice Art Crawl

September 1 st for the September 17th Venice Art Crawl

December 1 st for the December 17th Venice Art Crawl

Click here to submit your event!

Do I have to have a FB event page to get on the map?

No you do not have to but social media is a great way to get your event out.

Do I HAVE to be on the map?

No, but then you’re not part of the Venice Art Crawl.

Can I have a private event during the Venice Art Crawl?

Yes you can have a private event just make sure it is clear in your submission to the map.

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