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We are now accepting March 17th, 2016 Venice Art Crawl event submissions.  To ensure your event gets listed on the official VAC map, and on our events page on the website, please follow the two steps below. Thank you.

Event submission deadline dates:

To be promoted via our PR: The absolute deadline to be on the map is the 1st day of the VAC month (March, May, July, September). 

Step One: Submit your information by submitting your event here.

Fill out the form. 

Or by selecting the “Submit My Event” button on the home page at Then fill out the form.

Please include the following: (Events will not be listed that do not include all of the below information).
  1. Event name.
  2. Event Description.
  3. Artists + Musicians involved (Please list artists name and websites).
  4. Event location.
  5. Event time.
  6. Facebook event page.
  7. All relevant images.
  8. Please proofread all of your information before you send it to us.
Step Two: Post your event details and flyer on the official VAC Facebook fan page:

If you have any questions and/or need additional information please contact us:   

Each participating event/venue/business must prominently display the VAC Banner outside of your event location. Banners available here ($25 fee per banner).  

Your donations allow the VAC to keep thriving in the community.

For pre-event marketing/promoting tips check out plan your event.

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Contact us:

Have a question? Want to get involved and volunteer? Please contact us at the email below.


Venice Chamber of Commerce c/o VAC
PO Box 202
Venice, CA 90294