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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Venice Art Crawl?

The Venice Art Crawl is a Venice Chamber of Commerce sponsored event by and for the people. Our goal is to share, inspire and promote collaboration within the Venice community through mixers and art events. Join us by attending, sharing your vision and what inspires you. Our goal is to foster and reinvigorate the creativity that has historically and currently makes Venice such a vibrant and dynamic community.

When is the VAC?

The VAC happens quarterly on third Thursdays in March, June, September and December 2013. It starts at 6PM and officially ends at 10PM but many venues are open later. Please be mindful of your neighbors. 

How do I find the VAC?

You can find a map and event information on the night of the VAC at the info booth located in front of Danny’s Venice, 23 Windward, Venice, CA 90291 the night of the art crawl from 6-9PM or online at

Where do I park?

There is ample parking available the Venice area. City parking lots are located right next to the beach and daily rates range from $4 to $15 depending upon the time of year. Most City parking lots are within walking distance to the Venice Boardwalk, beach, shops, and dining. There are also several private parking lots near Windward Ave., Venice Blvd. and Rose Ave. Private lots can cost as much as $25 per day and fill up quickly for Venice Art Crawl events. 


Venice Art Crawl Artists

How do I show my work in the Venice Art Crawl?

Come to a mixer, meet venues, create your own event and network at one of our monthly mixers found on this site and Facebook at

Does it cost money to do the art crawl?

Every venue is different, venues vary restaurants, art galleries, empty spaces some charge to rent their space for the night, some people popup events in their own, house, garage or backyard.

What if I want to be a sponsor?

Contact Sunny Bak at 310-430-2214 or email at

Is there a tour?  

Several tours are available via to book in advance to assure a spot and sometime other local tours including Segway tours, bike tours, walking tours and film tours are also available the night of the event at the Information booth.

Where is the information booth?

The VAC info booth located in front of Danny’s Venice, 23 Windward, Venice, CA 90291 the night of the art crawl from 6PM-9PM

When are the mixers and how do I find them?

There will be monthly mixers posted on Facebook and the VAC website.

Fort updates check our Facebook page 

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Venice Art Crawl Venues

How do I bring the Venice Art Crawl to my business?

Sponsor and promote, promote, promote.

How can I volunteer?

Come to one of the monthly mixers and sign up for one of the committees.

Can I curate my own events?

Yes you can. And please submit your events to ********

How do I get on the map?


How do I get on the VAC Facebook page?

How I get Twitter to mention to mention my event? (#VAC)

Are there any meetup groups? Yes

OK you have a artist, you have a venue and you’re on the map, Now what?


Venice Art Crawl Events!

How do I best promote my event?

There are different ways of promoting your event. Social Media is a great way to let everyone know about your event. A lot of events are promoted through Facebook.

Twitter is also a great way to promote an event, don’t forget to use hashtags #VAC and #VeniceArtCrawl. Events can also be promoted through press releases, flyers or even word of mouth. Event organizers and the artists themselves are responsible for promoting their event. There’s not one way to promote an event and there’s no such thing as over promoting your event.

Do I have to serve food and wine?

It’s not mandatory to serve food and wine at your event but a lot of participants do.

How else can I get involved?

Come to one of the monthly mixers and sign up for one of the committees…

What is the deadline to get on the map?

Your event must be submitted in writing by the Sunday before the VAC.

Do I have to have a FB event page to get on the map?

No you do not have to but social media is a great way to get your event out.

Do I HAVE to be on the map?

No, but then you’re not part of the Venice Art Crawl.

Can I have a private event during the Venice Art Crawl?

Yes you can have a private event just make sure it is clear in your submission to the map.


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