The Buzz: Performance Artist Marina Abramovic and Pop Musician Lady Gaga Collaborate

By December 3, 2013 January 13th, 2014 art, The Venice Art Crawl

The recent buzz of a potential collaboration between Serbian/ New York based performance artist, Marina Abramovic, and Pop musician Lady Gaga, started shortly after an interview three years ago in which Abramovic asked Gaga, “Who creates limits?” in this viral youtube video. In the video, Gaga struggles to articulate herself after hearing the question was postulated by the historical performance artist, a huge inspiration for Gaga and hundreds of other artists, musicians, and art appreciators.

Flash-forward three years later and lo-and-behold, the collaboration has finally arrived. An abstract performance launched to support the “Marina Abramovic Institute” kickstart program, the collaboration video stays true to the esoteric and often inscrutable messages behind Abramovic’s performances.

We see why they get along.

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