Venice Art Crawl Events!! Part 2/5

Hello Again Crawlers!

So If you missed the first part of the events series, were basically posting about all of the VAC events in five parts.



Heres Part Two of the Events:

1. Stephanie Vovas in FLANNEL 
Where: FLANNEL, 1223 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 90291   6 – 9 pm
What:  Fettish for Flannel? Check out Artist Stephani Volvas flannel photography— with unique personal style and a serious talent behind a camera, viewers come to see the awesomeness of flannel in a totally different light.  Visit the store and its beautiful backyard courtyard and never look at flannel the same.
Artists: Stephanie Vovas – Website


2. Nidor Vapor Gallery  – Soul Portals  /  Portraits and Mural by Gilmore
Where: 74 Market St., Venice, CA   6:00 p.m. – 10:00p.m. (and later)

What:  Come to Nidor Gallery and smoke shop and feel ritzy and intellectual as you weave through and view “soul portals,” as well as murals and portraits by these two talented featured VAC artists. Check out Nidor’s juice tasting bar and check out their high end vapor products.

Artists Jesse Kramer a/k/a Seas Over Seas; David Gilmore



3. Pet Portraits by Christian
Where: Sunny Bak Studio 2214 Pacific Ave.
What: Come to Sunny Bak studio and don’t forget to bring your pet!  Christian will be shooting free pet photos, so you can finally fill that living room wall with a photo of your furry friend!  A Pet portrait exhibit will also be featured— beware, it gets really cute in there. Ar

Artist : Christian. Facebook



4. Le Cellier Wine Bar
Where: 417 W Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey 6-10 pm
What: Sip wine and connect with what we all love most about Venice Beach and So-cal— the beach.  Painter Todd Goodman truly encapsulates the essence of the pacific ocean in his acrylic paintings, highlighting some of his beach and surf scenes and Santa Monica Pier sunsets.  Also featured will be the incredibly talented Joel Harris and his acrylic paintings on canvas— pairs best with Merlot or Sangria.

Artists: Todd Goodman and Joel Harris



5. Drew Blood – Pool Paintings
Where: 417 Rose – Please enter in the alley behind Venice Ranch Market   6 – 9 pm

What: Come check out Drew Blood’s newest work on canvas and paper. As a rollerblader growing up in the Midwest, the Southern California skate lifestyle was always a huge influence on his “Pool Painting” series, a series he has been dedicated to for four years.  The artist states  “These empty vessels serve as reminders of the post war idea of the backyard as an oasis; Areas of former opulence that have fallen to shambles; Accidental sculptures with unknown kinetic potential; Southern California 60 years later.”

Artist: Drew Blood
Website:  www.DrewBloodArt.tumblr.com





Part Three Comes Tomorrow Crawlers!  THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!


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