T Shirt’s are Art Too You Know. Submit Your T-Shirt Design For The Venice Art Crawl!

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This is it. 

This is your chance.  

This is the moment where you get to watch people walking down the street wearing YOUR T-Shirt Design.  First, it will be casual.  

“Hey everybody look!  It’s the artist who designed the Venice Art Crawl T-shirt!”

Then—they will be more aggressive.

Paparazzi. News Reports.  Stampedes of people begging, no— crying for your autograph, for a chance to touch the master.  

Flashing lights, late night, bodyguards, private planes, missed calls from Kanye, and cheeseboards, will all await your future.  



Well maybe not ALL of those things but we can definitely work a cheeseboard out. A cheeseboard is totally do-able. 


1. The Slogan:

The T-shirt slogan for the Venice Art Crawl is  “Fall in Love with Art Again.”   You don’t have to include the VAC logo, just the phrase! 

2. Design & Submit: November 7th – December 1st

First, design your shirt and submit it for approval. During the Design phase, be sure to follow the tips provided and Upload Your Own Design. Again, the design must incorporate the theme ‘Fall in Love with Art Again’ and can use a maximum of three colors.

3. CrowdShopping: November 18th – December 1st

The CrowdShop will open November 18th and all approved designs will become available for pre-order. Only one design will be selected as the OFFICIAL design of the Venice Art Crawl, but all designs that hit their pre-order goals will be sent into production. The shirts will be rushed to delivery so that you can have your own masterpiece to wear in time for the December 19th Art Crawl!

4.  Where My Money At??

All final designers will receive a percentage of sales from any shirts sold in the CrowdShop with their design.

5. Runway time- The Venice Art Crawl: December 19th

Don’t forget to wear your own limited edition design to the December 19th Venice Art Crawl and show off your work.  Preferably via catwalk. 

6. Represent. 

Be sure to tag @VeniceArtCrawl on social media throughout the contest! If you have any questions, email our challenge organizers by clicking HERE.

7.  The Cheeseboard Promise. 

No seriously. I’ll buy you a cheeseboard.  And by “you” I mean us.  I have a weakness for manchego.  


Click Here For More Information!! 

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