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VAC Sponsor Interview: Cairo Cowboy!

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Happy Tuesday Crawlers! 

If you don’t know already, the Venice Art Crawl monthly mixer is coming up THIS THURSDAY, Jan 23rd, at Cairo Cowboy Mediterranean Grill in Venice Beach!

We were able to snag a drink with the founder of Cairo Cowboy, “YL,” and ask him all about how he started his amazing restaurant and we even learned a little bit of Venice Beach history on the way!  

Check it out!

Gabby: How long has Cairo Cowboy been in business and how did you guys start?

YL:  We have been in business for 2 ½ years. We started with a truck four years ago before we opened this spot.  The truck traveled all over— from Orange County to Santa Barbara. 

Gabby:  What is it like being in such a central Venice Beach location?

YL:  Humm…Whats the word I could use?  Incredible.  The customers know they want and they know what they’re getting and they appreciate the quality of the food.  Its also incredible because Venice Beach is where I grew up.

Gabby:   We bet so many things happen in and around this area! What is a really memorable experience that some of the employees and customers at Cairo Cowboy were apart of? 

YL:  The 4th of July.  Its also our anniversary and it’s the busiest day of the year.  The 4th of July is also the same weekend Abbot Kinny opened and announced Venice Beach which was originally called “Venice of America.”

Gabby: What sets your Mediterranean food apart from other local Mediterranean spots? 

YL:  2 reasons: One: authentic recipes, and two: my mom actually makes most of the food. I grew up eating it. 

Gabby: You guys have been a long time support of the Venice Art Crawl.  Have you always supported the exposure of local art? 

YL:  Definitely.  That’s what makes Venice, Venice. I grew up in the mid seventies on the Venice Pier and even went to high-school here.  Our restaurant and this area is just a continuation of art and performance and the artists who picked this place.

Gabby:  Best thing on the menu?

 YL:  The combination plate.

Thank you so much Ciaro Cowboy for an awesome lunch and even “awesomer” conversation!

And don’t forget to join us at Cairo Cowboy on Thursday at 7 pm!

Address: 6 Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291

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