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November 2013

36 Realistically Colorized Historical Photos Make the Past Seem Incredibly Real

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Photo editors have made groundbreaking changes to how viewers perceive history. By colorizing and editing old photographs, various photo editors make the past feel like a tangible reality, proving that photo editing is truly an art form. Take a look at these photographs and see if your own perspective of historical figures and events have transformed.

That hipster-lookin’ kid in the featured image is non other than Charlie Chaplin.

See for yourself by clicking HERE.

Join Us at the Venice Sign Holiday Lighting!

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VENICE® Sign Holiday Lighting and Windward Holiday Crawl.

Join Us! Friday, December 6, 2013 – Festivities start at 6:00 p.m. on Windward Avenue east of Pacific Avenue 7:45 p.m. Holiday Lighting of the Venice Sign

To Benefit: The Muscle Beach Toy Drive in conjunction with the LAPD Pacific Division & Pacific Area Boosters. Bring a new unwrapped toy to any participating location listed below and receive a wrist-band, good for discounts throughout the night.

Photos with the REAL Santa, Holiday Shopping, Parties, Drink & Food Specials, Egg Nog, Hot Cocoa, Art, Music & More.


Mural of the Day: Natalii Rak

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Mural by Natalii Rak at Folk, Poland.

Born in 1986, Rak graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. Though Rak has been painting for over ten years, she only just became involved with street art in 2010. In addition to her new passion for street art, Rak has also participated in several group exhibitions in Poland. In her personal description of her work, Rak humbly writes, “I paint the many faces of women, creating mood, mystery and metaphor.”

The Mural: Stumble upon Art with us.

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There is a strange and quiet relationship between the viewer and the mural.

For some, the mural is only fleeting and peripheral— a pop of colorful images and enigmatic messages adorn lost corner-side brick walls, as we catch a delightfully brief moment of visual interest in our otherwise mundane, city- plagued drives.

Or, for others, the mural relationship is simply apart of the routine.  We witness daily the same street-side familial homage, whispered boulevard work of art, or avenue painted political message.  Maybe some of us have grown accustomed to the oversized cartoons of mystifying quotes or breathtaking larger- than- life tributes, as we proceed on our drive to the super-market, pass beneath the freeway, or as we walk to the bus stop. Yes, for some, these works of art have blended into the unbending routine of the day, fading into the city scene as does a corner store or yellow hydrant.

But regardless of how new a mural may be to our eyes, it may be that at one time, these astonishing murals instilled in us a small sense of community, a sense of familiarity, a sense of frustration, or a sense of wonderment.  It may have sparked, deep inside, an inner dialogue or it may have stimulated a memory once lost.

What is it about that first moment?  That initial instance when you see a work of art in the street, that proportionally far surpasses the category of Graffiti?  Well of course, we first absorb the work as quickly as our allotted time allows— the image, the colors, the message, the size. Second, we most often wonder, who? Who is this mystery character who has committed so much heart to this block, this wall, this ordinary slice of space?   But above these thoughts, there is an undeniable, deep rooted understanding that I am positive every observer processes to one degree or another when they first see a mural.

This artwork is outside and is for everyone to see.

Maybe this observation is obvious and anticlimactic.  But wait!  There is something profound to be discovered behind this small, ordinary realization.

It seems that in this day and age of buzzing city energy and endless regimens, the art feels lost. Yes I am sure you have heard this before, and this is by no means to say that art is lost, but in many ways, if we want art, we must really strive to find it.  Certainly, if you squint past the advertisements and the television commercials you can find a slice of artistry somewhere, but pure, unadulterated, art -for- arts-sake -art, is hard to casually stumble upon.

How special is it that for a brief moment of the day, we witness the works and expressions of artists, not on our computers, not on the television, but outside! In the street!  In the truest corners of our community?

How special is it, that these works challenge our senses in some way to activate a thought, a judgement, a memory, a feeling of sympathy, of sadness, of disgust, of appreciation, or even spark a small smile?

How special is it, that for an uncommon instant, we truly stumbled upon art?


With the new launch of our blog, the Venice Art Crawl would like to introduce our theme this December:


The Mural.

T Shirt’s are Art Too You Know. Submit Your T-Shirt Design For The Venice Art Crawl!

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This is it. 

This is your chance.  

This is the moment where you get to watch people walking down the street wearing YOUR T-Shirt Design.  First, it will be casual.  

“Hey everybody look!  It’s the artist who designed the Venice Art Crawl T-shirt!”

Then—they will be more aggressive.

Paparazzi. News Reports.  Stampedes of people begging, no— crying for your autograph, for a chance to touch the master.  

Flashing lights, late night, bodyguards, private planes, missed calls from Kanye, and cheeseboards, will all await your future.  



Well maybe not ALL of those things but we can definitely work a cheeseboard out. A cheeseboard is totally do-able. 


1. The Slogan:

The T-shirt slogan for the Venice Art Crawl is  “Fall in Love with Art Again.”   You don’t have to include the VAC logo, just the phrase! 

2. Design & Submit: November 7th – December 1st

First, design your shirt and submit it for approval. During the Design phase, be sure to follow the tips provided and Upload Your Own Design. Again, the design must incorporate the theme ‘Fall in Love with Art Again’ and can use a maximum of three colors.

3. CrowdShopping: November 18th – December 1st

The CrowdShop will open November 18th and all approved designs will become available for pre-order. Only one design will be selected as the OFFICIAL design of the Venice Art Crawl, but all designs that hit their pre-order goals will be sent into production. The shirts will be rushed to delivery so that you can have your own masterpiece to wear in time for the December 19th Art Crawl!

4.  Where My Money At??

All final designers will receive a percentage of sales from any shirts sold in the CrowdShop with their design.

5. Runway time- The Venice Art Crawl: December 19th

Don’t forget to wear your own limited edition design to the December 19th Venice Art Crawl and show off your work.  Preferably via catwalk. 

6. Represent. 

Be sure to tag @VeniceArtCrawl on social media throughout the contest! If you have any questions, email our challenge organizers by clicking HERE.

7.  The Cheeseboard Promise. 

No seriously. I’ll buy you a cheeseboard.  And by “you” I mean us.  I have a weakness for manchego.  


Click Here For More Information!! 

We Got Three Words: Venice. Art. Crawl.

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 “Venice Art Crawl. It’s an Art crawl. On Venice Beach. Just let that simmer a little bit.”


Fall back in love with art again on December 19th as we crawl and cruise through Venice Beach at participating restaurants, bars, cafe’s, and galleries to view the artwork of Venice based artists. Get down on participating happy hours, discounted drinks, appetizers, and DJ sets and get some Venice culture while your at it.  No, please, stop. You’re too kind. Truly, We’re flattered.